[horde] Identity values not shown after update to Horde 3.0.8

Muenz, Michael linux at leute.server.de
Wed Jan 4 01:38:59 PST 2006

> > Do any other old preferences work?
> I didn't change anything in the preferences. I just untarred
> new horde, copied the configs from old one, changed cookie
> path in conf.php, and copied complete folders from imp,
> turba and kronolith (hope thats correct updating horde). 
> Both directories are on the same server and use the same
> DB. Logging in with old one (/horde/) loads the values in 
> the fields. When I log out, and in again in /horde2/ with 
> the same account they were not loaded. I didn't find 
> important changes in configs or sql syntax in 3.0.8 update,
> so I think just copy the stuff (with correct perms) is OK?
> Thanks,

When I set 'default_identity' to "locked => true" in prefs.php,
only the one standard is displayed, also with the newer 
versions. Thats OK for me and finally I can user 3.0.9, 
but doesn't really fix the problem itself.


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