[horde] Test.php - all I get is a blank page

eculp@encontacto.net eculp at encontacto.net
Wed Jan 4 11:04:46 PST 2006

Quoting Jody Cleveland <Cleveland at winnefox.org>:

> Hi Tom,
>> I believe the problem is in the Pear module check portion of the code.
>> I had the same problem and traced it to a failed check of my Pear
>> XML_Serializer module, which was an old beta version.  For
>> some reason,
>> instead of just failing the check, test.php presented me with a blank
>> page.  When I commented out the Serializer check in test.php,
>> I got the
>> page back.
>> After I fixed the XML_Serializer Pear module, the problem went away.
>> Try running a check/upgrade on your Pear installation using the Pear
>> interface.
> I tried commenting out the serializer check in the test.php, but I still
> get a blank page.
> - jody

Jody, do you have error_reporting  =  E_ALL and display_errors = On in 
your php.ini and have reset apache with the configuration?  Do you 
still have a blank page?  You might want to update your pear packages 
as Tom suggested, also.


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