[horde] Migrating IMP for another machine

Faria digolinopage at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jan 12 13:12:52 PST 2006


Realy my e-mail is not clear.

I'll try again ...

I have a mail server,  this mail server I have a IMP where my users create 
folders, form to put your mails.

I  migrate all accounts from another server.

In another server, when my users try to access your folders, no message 

Still, i don't make total backup, why its message ins´t and folders.
When i try to move a e-mail from a folder, or delete folder the message come 

try to move the message from folder
[TRYCREATE] UID COPY failed: No such destination mailbox

when i try to delete the folder
DELETE failed: Can't delete mailbox mail/profissionais recebidas: no such 

I make backup to bds in mysql, but ins´t resolved.

I use IMP with IMAP, Apache 2.0.55 and PHP 4.3.11

How I can to resolve it ?

Rodrigo Faria Tavares
e-mail : rodrigofariat at yahoo.com.br
Analista de Suporte Linux

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> Huh? You're not being very clear, what are you trying to acheive?
> Moving Horde/IMP is one thing, but if you are moving the mail server 
> backend (or DB even) too then that's another matter.
> RTFM for your backed (cyrus, courier, etc). For imap for instance, there's 
> a nice tool called imapcp. To copy your MySQL DB use mysqldump.
> Robin
> Faria wrote:
>>When I copy /home for another PC, the messages in folders don't happen in 
>>And the folders yet was created , ins't deleted , isn´t move messages to 
>>There is a mode migrate the accounts , still keeping the folders to 
>>accessible ?
>>Rodrigo Faria Tavares
>>e-mail : rodrigofariat at yahoo.com.br
>>Analista de Suporte Linux
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