[horde] Could not save the configuration file in Horde 3.0.9

Myo Gyi myozaw at ait.ac.th
Thu Jan 12 17:37:45 PST 2006

Hi Group,

Good day! As I am new Horde user, I have a problem in configuration by using 
Horde in FreeBSD 5.3, PHP 4.4.1, Horde 3.0.9. After I configured everythign 
in Setup, I got the follwoing error:

"Could not save the backup configuration file /usr/local/www/data-


Could not save the configuration file 
/usr/local/www/data-dist/horde/config/conf.php. You

can either use one of the options to save the code back on Setup or copy 
manually the code

below to /usr/local/www/data-dist/horde/config/conf.php."

I try to fix and many ways, but it is useless. Anyone can help?

Another one is after I logout from Horde, I got this error "Notice: 
Undefined index: log in /usr/local/www/data-dist/horde/lib/Horde.php on line 

Be appreciated for reply.


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