[horde] Active Directory Hooks

Stephen March smarch at onehealth.ca
Mon Feb 13 23:50:28 PST 2006

I don't have a working example, but keep in mind that you cannot do an  
anonymous bind with ldap to active directory, you must bind with a  
user that has permissions in the tree.  Once you're able to  
successfully bind you will have to tweak your queries from the horde  
examples provided, but it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Are you getting any error messages while trying to access AD that  
might help troubleshoot?  I would suggest the issues are with  
accessing AD via ldap & php and not specific to horde. If this is the  
case we can take this discussion offline and you can e-mail me directly.


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> Hi there.
> I've been setting up a Horde/IMP installation running with IMAP &
> Samba-Winbind in our Win2k domain.  It's running nicely, including Turba
> searching the Active Directory.
> The thing that's got me beaten at the moment is getting the fullname and
> from_addr hooks working with AD via LDAP.  I've had quite a few attempts
> at getting this working, but I think it's outside my knowledge of how
> hooks work.
> Would anyone be able to provide an example of a hook for getting the
> from_addr or fullname from AD, or an alternative (such as getting
> fullname from "getent passwd")?  Once I have this it's the last thing
> before I've got a fully functional installation (I hope)! :)
> Thanks.
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