[horde] Active Directory Hooks

Hal Douglas hal at mrc.tas.edu.au
Mon Feb 13 22:50:43 PST 2006

Hi there.

I've been setting up a Horde/IMP installation running with IMAP &
Samba-Winbind in our Win2k domain.  It's running nicely, including Turba
searching the Active Directory.
The thing that's got me beaten at the moment is getting the fullname and
from_addr hooks working with AD via LDAP.  I've had quite a few attempts
at getting this working, but I think it's outside my knowledge of how
hooks work.

Would anyone be able to provide an example of a hook for getting the
from_addr or fullname from AD, or an alternative (such as getting
fullname from "getent passwd")?  Once I have this it's the last thing
before I've got a fully functional installation (I hope)! :)


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