[horde] Problems with Compose Message

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Mar 1 08:12:27 PST 2006

Quoting Lee Evans <horde at leeevans.org>:

> If two or more matches are found, it notifies me as such but does not offer
> the choice of which match to use. It simply leaves the unresolved name in
> the field.
> I have to press the 'resolve names' button to re-check the names and then be
> presented with the matches - it would be better if when leaving the
> To/CC/BCC fields it checked the names in the same way as the 'resolve names'
> button and offered a choice where multiple matches are found
> Is this intended behaviour or simply a glitch? I've tried unsuccessfully to
> alter this behaviour myself.

It is the behavior that the code currently produces intentionally, if  
that's what you mean. Of course it'd be better to do it automatically,  
or to just replace the address expansion with autocompletion like we  
have in DIMP. It's a balancing matter since IMP is supposed to work as  
much as possible without JavaScript as well.


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