[horde] two different login server with horde 3.0.9

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Mar 21 15:36:54 PST 2006

Zitat von Michael Jeanrond <jeanrond at hrz.uni-frankfurt.de>:

> I try to set up a "preauthenticate" hook with two different imap servers in
> /imp/config/servers.php (with help of some Documentation and mailing  
>  lists), but
> when I test the new configuration nothing happenend. Then I tried to set up
> "$conf['server']['server_list'] = 'hidden';" for using two different
> imapservers, but nothing happenend too.
> I using horde 3.0.9 and imp H3 (4.0.4). Has somebody an idea or a solution to
> solve this problem?

First of all, you should ask this on the IMP mailing list. And then,  
you didn't provide us any information how you did your setup, how the  
hook looks like, what exactly you want to achieve or what you expect  
to happen.


Do you need professional PHP or Horde consulting?

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