[horde] Horde Left Framset Empty

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Mar 23 01:39:06 PST 2006

Zitat von Ng Ka Wai <ngkawai at elixir.com.hk>:

> Dear all,
>     I am using new version horde 3.1 and imp 4.1. Using imp for
> authentication.
>     horde config file:
>         $conf['auth']['params']['app'] = 'imp';
>         $conf['auth']['driver'] = 'application';
>     And make sure that in path /horde/imp/config/servers.php file is
> correct.
>     I can login successful. After login, the left frameset is empty and
> In the bottom of left hand side IE is continuing to load frameset but it
> is not successful (i.e. /horde/services/portal/sidebar.php).
>     Would you tell me that how to solve the problem?

Check your log files for error messages.


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