[horde] horde 3.1 imap/ssl

GajendranA gajena at mail.lankabell.com
Fri Mar 24 06:26:35 PST 2006

Hi All
I running horde 3.1 on Fedora Core 4 64 bit platform and compile php 5.1.2
with open-ssl and c-client (imap-2001.RELEASE-CANDIDATE.1)
I am unable to connect to courier-imap 993 secure port via the horde. I can
connect and authenticate a user by using an openssl client. Only imap dsn
works as shown below. I actually wanted to put imap/ssl/non-validate-sert.
But didn't work out. If 'ssl' or 'tls' is chosen I can only see a blank page
after the login via horde.
$conf['auth']['params']['dsn'] = '{localhost:143/imap/notls}';
$conf['auth']['params']['imapconfig'] = 'dsn';
$conf['auth']['driver'] = 'imap';
Also I am using mysql backend in the same server horde is running. I cannot
connect horde using mysql.sock. only TCP on 3306 works. Turba and Kronolith
works on mysql.sock. I think mysql.sock is the secure way if the backend on
the same localhost. Why horde couldn't?
$conf['sql']['persistent'] = false;
$conf['sql']['hostspec'] = 'localhost';
$conf['sql']['username'] = 'root';
$conf['sql']['socket'] = '/tmp/mysql.sock';
$conf['sql']['protocol'] = 'unix';
Can anybody able to help me on the above issues?

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