[horde] Horde and debian

Pedro Vieira pedro.vieira at filbox.com
Mon Mar 27 12:24:11 PST 2006

Hello all...

I'm trying to install horde in a debian box but I'm having trouble doing 
it and wondered if someone would be kind to give me a hint...

1st - I installed both horde and IMP that came in my debian destribuion, 
but the files that were suposed to be accessed by apache went to 
/usr/share/horde3/ instead of /var/www/, wich is my web directory...

so i moved the files under /usr/share/horde3/ to an directory named 
horde3 under /var/www/

2nd - Then i went to /etc/horde/horde3/ and commented  the line that 
said "exit (0) ;"

3rd- I changed ownership of the /etc/horde/horde3/ dir and files.

4th- i created the mysql databases acording to the readme file.

But.. after all this.... I still get the error message saing that my 
config file is not accessible and that i should see info in the readme file.

Can anyone please help me with this?

thanks all



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