[horde] Fixed portal blocks

Joonas Hämäläinen list-joonas at nettitieto.fi
Mon Mar 27 21:32:06 PST 2006


When I saw on latest release of horde it is able to define fixed portal 
blocks, I was quite keen to try it out. Been trying it out now a while, 
and I feel a bit disappointed. So I have to ask wether I have understood 
this feature wrong, or if it is just half done at the moment.

I thought that if I set some portal block fixed, it is fixed and stay. 
It is nice feature that user can move those fixed blocks around, and 
that way still have some custom on their own view. However, there is 
edit button which practically makes this fixed block quite useless. User 
  can change that fixed block then to some other block which isn't 
fixed, and even delete whole block afterwards.

I would think that when block is fixed, you can't change it to some 
other block, even if you could tweak some options in it. Perhaps I have 
understood this feature wrong, but that is what would serve our 
installation most: Keeping some most important blocks visible, but 
letting user add some other trivial blocks to suit them, and customise 
their size and positions.

Is this feature considered as 'ready', or is it still under progress, 
and perhaps getting these features and behaviour I described?

Joonas Hämäläinen

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