[horde] Horde and debian

Martin Lohmeier martin at mein-horde.de
Mon Mar 27 12:35:35 PST 2006


Pedro Vieira wrote:
> Hello all...
> I'm trying to install horde in a debian box but I'm having trouble doing 
> it and wondered if someone would be kind to give me a hint...
> 1st - I installed both horde and IMP that came in my debian destribuion, 
> but the files that were suposed to be accessed by apache went to 
> /usr/share/horde3/ instead of /var/www/, wich is my web directory...
> so i moved the files under /usr/share/horde3/ to an directory named 
> horde3 under /var/www/

very, very bad idea...move them back! I've not installed the horde
packages on my debian box yet, but horde should come with it's apache
configuration file as every other web packed does (take a look in
/usr/share/doc if doubt)

bye, Martin


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