[horde] Traduction doesn't work with Horde 3 ?

pierre-louis@gingembre.org pierre-louis at gingembre.org
Mon Mar 27 23:25:25 PST 2006

I found my problem about translations...
In fact, my Debian system was not really well configured ! I've done a  
"dpkg-reconfigure locales" and there I've seen that only fr_FR at euro  
was validated. So I've added all fr_FR locales and the problem was  
solved in my Horde framework.

Thanx to those who gave me help and sorry about the ridiculousness of  
my problem...

See ya

Quoting Eric Jon Rostetter <eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu>:

> Quoting pierre-louis at gingembre.org:
>>> See the faq for some help on gettext() and system language support.
>>> If you want any help, you'll need to specify OS, etc.
> See http://www.horde.org/horde/docs/?f=TRANSLATIONS.html
> and also
> http://wiki.horde.org/FAQ/Admin/Prerequisites?referrer=FAQ%2FAdmin
> Try the debugging steps there for debian.
>> Apparently, my PHP has Gettext support (I verified this in my test.php
>> page from Horde). I'm using Debian Sarge with php v4.3.10 with the
>> different modules and Gettext :
> Sounds good.  See the above links for the information on locales in
> debian, and the debugging of problems with locales.
>> Do I have to modify something about locales on my Debian ??? I already
> You need to verify they are working correctly.
>> searched on my clients (IE and Firefox) and they are in French by
>> default.
> Then you should see French by default, if the server is working correctly.
>> My Debian talks to me in French when I upgrade packages, so I
>> don't know what to do...
> I don't use Debian, so I can't comment on that.
>> The horde.mo is in the good place (horde/locale/.../horde.mo) and I
>> select French language at the login prompt.
> If your browser is set to French, and your Horde language is set to
> French, it should work...
>> Something strange... When I select French at the login prompt, the
>> help topics are in French but not the rest of the interface...
> The help text is actually in French.  The rest of the stuff is translated
> via gettext().  So this is consistent with a broken gettext()/locale
> on the server.
>> Any idea ???
> Try what is on the above web links...
> -- 
> Eric Rostetter
> The Department of Physics
> The University of Texas at Austin
> Go Longhorns!

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