[horde] Gollem Problems

Fabio Pedretti fabio.pedretti at ing.unibs.it
Wed Mar 29 03:21:10 PST 2006

(Sorry for the previous mail, pressed the wrong button)
(I send this mail to gollem, horde and i18n ML, as I am not sure where are the 

I am using horde 3.1.1 and gollem 1.0.2.
I have the following problems:

1) The "File Manager" menu does not appear if I login with a normal user, but 
appears only if I login with a user that has been put in 
$conf['auth']['admins'] in horde/config/conf.php

2) I have translated in italian some modules (passwd, imp, gollem). The 
translations works in passwd and imp, but in gollem sometime I see the 
Italian version and sometime the English version. Seems this "choiche" is 
entirely random, if I reload the page sometimes gollem is in English, 
sometimes in Italian.

3) The second ftp backend of gollem is not shown in the "File Manager" menu. I 
have changed only the name of the second backend to 'name' => 'FTP Server 
auto', and 'hostspec' => ''. The first backend works fine, but the 
second backend is not shown, even if I comment all other backends. However, 
if I set 'hordeauth' => true of the first ftp backend, the login with user's 
credentials works for the first backend.

I have used horde 3.1 and 3.1.1, I have reinstalled and reconfigured horde and 
gollem but I get the same results. However the first time I used gollem 
worked fine, the problems seems to be started when I have updated and 
installed the gollem it_IT.po file.

Someone has any hints?


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