[horde] Sweating Bullets!! Help!

Barry Flanagan barryf-lists at flanagan.ie
Wed Mar 29 06:58:05 PST 2006

Chris wrote:

> Yes, OBSD 3.8 runs chrooted by default, sorry I didn't mention, but I
> didn't think it was significant here... but I gaurantee you, the path is
> not wrong.  I have been down that road at the time of setup (over 3
> months ago).  Remember, horde was running great until yesterday. The
> socket hasn't changed, and the path has not changed.  The socket is
> there.  If the path were wrong, the perms were bad or the socket were
> deleted, horde wouldn't work at all.  It works, it just takes 10 minutes
> to load a page.
> That is the frustrating thing, Nothing changed!  It was running like a
> top up until yesterday.  I am the only one with admin access, and I 
> haven't touched configuration in a month.  I am thinking something is
> wrong with my datatree table...  I have already trimmed out the history
> from it... Is there something I can do to rebuild this table to test
> this hypothesis?

Do you by any chance have external LDAP directories set up? I suffered
from slowness once which I tracked down to the fact that it was trying
to contact bigfoot but I had access to external LDAP ports blocked.
Nothing would happen until the request timed out.

Might be worth running a netstat on the box and see if there are any
connections trying to be established.

Hope this helps.


-Barry Flanagan

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