[horde] Firefox Login Issues

Cody Harris cody at unitednb.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 19:35:25 PST 2006

Hello everyone!

I've done some searching on this one (looked at the wiki, mailing 
list, etc), but could only find one similar result.  When I try and 
log into Horde with firefox (does the same behavior on another 
machine), I get redirected to a blank login page, after trying to log 
in the first time.  IE 6 works fine.  I'm using Horde 3.1.1 and imp 
4.1.  What is the current known fix for the problem?

My second issue is when I try to go to imp directly, I tend to have 
to log into horde, then click mail on the side bar, then type the 
exact same information into imp.  How do I skip this middle step of 
logging into horde?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Slackware Linux 10.2, php 5.1.1, Dovecot IMAP used as 
authentication backend.

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