[horde] Shibboleth Authentication module

Cassio Nishiguchi cassio at protectnetwork.org
Mon Apr 24 07:50:25 PDT 2006

Shibboleth is a free, open source, SAML-based federated authentication and 
attribute exchange framework.  It is used to provide single-sign-on of web 
applications within and/or across organizations.  In addition to the official 
Shibboleth site provided by an earlier post, more information can be found 
Basically, Shibboleth consists of an Identity Provider (IdP) and a Service 
Provider (SP).  The SP is an Apache module that protects the application and 
redirects unauthenticated requests to the IdP.  The IdP does the 
authentication and sends an assertion of the fact to the SP, along with a 
possible list of attributes about the authenticated user.  The SP can then 
use this information to make access control decisions.

For a list of who's using Shibboleth, you can check these links:

I'd love to see this integrated into the official distribution!  Jan, let me 
know what I need to do to make this happen.  I'd also appreciate any feedback 
and suggestions so I can improve this module.



On Fri April 21 2006 17:48, Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Cassio Nishiguchi <cassio at protectnetwork.org>:
> > Hi,
> > I have developed a simple authentication module for Horde to be used with
> > a Shibboleth deployment.  It basically implements the transparent
> > authentication function and retrieves the username from the HTTP header
> > set by the Shibboleth SP.  More information and source code can be found
> > here: http://www.protectnetwork.org/horde.html
> > Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
> Never heared of Shibboleth before. Can you explain briefly what it is,
> how it works, and who it uses?
> And do you want the driver to be integrated into the official Horde
> distribution?
> Jan.
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