[horde] Horde/imp in openbsd apache chroot

Antonio Julio Florido Sosa antoniojuliofs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 12:17:07 PDT 2006

Hello list,
I have a OpenBSD 3,8 in chroot with php, mysql;
with himself not to make work horde/imp
horde v3.1.1
imp v4.1.1
apache Apache/1.3.29 (Unix)
mysql  Ver 12.22
PHP Version 5.0.4
imap auth
in chroot,
after login of authentication says to page nonfound or error to me dns;

In chroot I have the following archives:

# ls -R
lib     libexec local

libc.so.38.2        libncurses.so.10.0  libutil.so.11.0

getty ld.so

bin lib man

buildhash       icombine        ispell          munchlist
findaffix       ijoin           ispell-config   tryaffix


american.aff        americanmed+.hash   british.hash        default.aff
american.hash       british.aff         britishxlg.hash     default.hash

man1 man4

buildhash.1  findaffix.1  ispell.1     munchlist.1  tryaffix.1

english.4 ispell.4

Horde is configure via hands and web admin (horde framework),
out chroot it working , but in chroot have this problem.

as I can please put horde in chroot in openbsd box?

Antonio Julio Florido Sosa

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