[horde] Time stamps in Horde Patches

Otto Stolz Otto.Stolz at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Apr 28 08:26:22 PDT 2006


Ryan Beatty schrieb:
> There is information on how to patch in the WIKI here....
> http://wiki.horde.org/FAQ/Admin/Install

Thank you for this hint which I had overlooked, in the 1st place.

> cd imp
> gunzip patch-imp-4.0.4-4.1.gz
> patch -p1 < patch-imp-4.0.4-4.1
> cd po
> make 

Still, my tests have shown that patch does not do the job
(at least under Solaris (SunOS 5.9)), I had to use gpatch,

And my original question on the time stamps in the patch files,
and on the correct modification times of the patched files is
still open.

Currently I am struggling with gpatch's options: how can
I keep gpatch from patching Chuck's new
into my own horde/scripts/sql/horde_sessionhandler.mysql.sql
I had to invent when I have installed Horde 3.0.9?
Yesterday, in on of my tests, that hunk went into the
rejection file, but now it gos into horde_sessionhandler.mysql.sql --
despite of the wrong context. However, I cannot remember
yesterday's option settings. The last thing I have tried was:
   cd /usr/share/src/horde/
   cat patch-horde-3.0.9-3.1 patch-horde-3.1-3.1.1    \
   | gpatch -u -s -p1 -d /opt/test-webmail/patchtest/ \
            -F1 -l -T -r patch-horde-3.0.9-3.1.1.rej  \
            -b -z .orig
Next week, I'll try it without the -T option (according
to the man page, this should be independend of the
context testing, but who knows...)

If that does not work as expected, I'll have to follow
the advice in <http://wiki.horde.org/FAQ/Admin/Install>:
> Note however that it is preferable to upgrade from the tar files

Thanks, again,
and best wishes,
    Otto Stolz

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