[horde] Invalid permission

chaloupe at free.fr
Sun May 21 10:10:26 PDT 2006

Hi all,

My config : Horde 3.2-cvs over Kolab server 2.0.3

It's my third installation of Kolab and Horde, and I think this one is 
totally correct.
I have indeed tons of questions because it seem's to me extremly 
difficult to make every thing work fine...as it should !

The first one (there must be a begining) :
I attempt to apply permissions to Horde's applications and the answer is 
: "Permission invalide" ("invalid permission" in english...not so 
difficult to translate ;o).
I also don't really know the purpose of the permissions (not well 
documented) but, they are...so certainly usefull !!

Generally speaking, il seems also that it's quiet heavy to join my LDAP 
server (I'm totally sure of the parameters I gave to the application).
For example, each connexion start with a "Last connexion : never" (think 
this information must be register in the LDAP server ?)

...as I said, I have many more questions...but...one by one ;o)

Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

See you very soon !


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