[horde] Domain selection, look and feel selection and

xare xaresd at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 11:13:48 PDT 2006

I run a single copy of horde and I have pointed to every domain I host a
mail.domain.tld subdomain to /var/www/html/hordeI/imp so and I have
configured every server on imp (they work fine) and also that imp does the
whole login thing.

Until now every user goes into their domains subdomain for
mail.domain.tldand there they have to first select their
imap.domain.tld from the dropdown select the login page offers, then put in
their login name and password.

Is there a way to automaticaly select the appropriate imap.domain.tld when
accessing that window from mail.domain.tld? In other words, lets suppose two
users are have their mail in different domains mail.domain1.tld and
mail.domain2.tld until now when they write down both urls they access the
same page and then they have to chose imap.domain1.tld or
imap.domain2.tldat the login screen prior to entering their login

Is there a way to make it so mail.domain1.tld points at a login screen where
imap.domain1.tld is already automatically selected? Should I just create a
piece of php for it?

Secondly, how can I adapt the look and feel of imp for different domains so
they can have their own logo and colors?

Thirdly. I wish to include new pieces of text in the login screen, for
example I wish to ofer them the chance to click on a small icon and see a
help window like when we have the new message window. Where should I go to
make such changes?


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