[horde] Domain selection, look and feel selection and

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jul 27 14:38:57 PDT 2006

Zitat von xare <xaresd at gmail.com>:

> I run a single copy of horde and I have pointed to every domain I host a
> mail.domain.tld subdomain to /var/www/html/hordeI/imp so and I have
> configured every server on imp (they work fine) and also that imp does the
> whole login thing.
> Until now every user goes into their domains subdomain for
> mail.domain.tldand there they have to first select their
> imap.domain.tld from the dropdown select the login page offers, then put in
> their login name and password.
> Is there a way to automaticaly select the appropriate imap.domain.tld when
> accessing that window from mail.domain.tld? In other words, lets suppose two
> users are have their mail in different domains mail.domain1.tld and
> mail.domain2.tld until now when they write down both urls they access the
> same page and then they have to chose imap.domain1.tld or
> imap.domain2.tldat the login screen prior to entering their login
> information.
> Is there a way to make it so mail.domain1.tld points at a login screen where
> imap.domain1.tld is already automatically selected? Should I just create a
> piece of php for it?

That's what the 'preferred' setting in config/servers.php is for.

> Secondly, how can I adapt the look and feel of imp for different domains so
> they can have their own logo and colors?

Create a preference hook for the 'theme' preference.

> Thirdly. I wish to include new pieces of text in the login screen, for
> example I wish to ofer them the chance to click on a small icon and see a
> help window like when we have the new message window. Where should I go to
> make such changes?



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