[horde] Using Dynamic LDAP groups for Horde Groups?

Barry Flanagan barryf-lists at flanagan.ie
Thu Aug 10 23:53:10 PDT 2006

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Quoting Barry Flanagan <barryf-lists at flanagan.ie>:
>> Running CVS head, is it possible to use OpenLDAP dynamic groups for
>> Horde groups?
> Yes, there's the Groups_ldap driver.

I am using that, and can see the groups which I have set up in LDAP OK,
but I do not thing that the group membership is being expanded correctly.

I think this is because I am trying to use dynamic groups in LDAP using
groupOfURLs objectClass, with memberURL returning a search URL which
will locate the users for this group.

>> Is there anywhere I could find information on what way they need to be
>> set up both in openldap and horde?
> The configuration UI shows the config settings for it on the Horde side.
> Perhaps one of the Bens could comment on the openldap side? It may
> already be in the wiki as well.

I have checked the Wiki and there is only very basic information thee.



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