[horde] Connect to mySQL tables?

Carol Bourne cbee at elanvital.org
Wed Oct 25 17:58:57 PDT 2006

I have been looking on the Horde Web site for the answer to this  
question, but have not found any definitive answer in documentation  
or postings.

Can Horde/Turba directly connect to mySQL tables to use the data in  
the tables for emailing purposes?

That is, instead of importing the table data into the Horde Address  
Book, we would like to dynamically connect to a mySQL table on the  
server to use that data (name and email address) to send email.

If Horde can do this, is it done in the Horde and/or Turba  
configuration file?

C.  Bourne
cbee at elanvital.org

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