[horde] Horde 3.1.3 and datatree related performance problems

Chris Stromsoe cbs at cts.ucla.edu
Mon Nov 20 09:48:20 PST 2006

On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, Chris Stromsoe wrote:

> In my previous installation of 3.0, I had hacked listCalendars to only 
> ever list the single default calendar.  There has been some interest in 
> offering shared calendaring with 3.1, so I haven't applied the same 
> hacks. It looks now like listCalendars() is returning every single 
> calendar in the system (close to 13000 of them).
> Is there a permission settins that I can apply to the datatree table to 
> "unshare" all of the calendars so that listCalendars() doesn't return 
> all of them?  Ideally, I'd like listCalendars() to return only the 
> default calendar plus any other calendars that have been explicitly 
> shared with that person. I will be removing the ability to share 
> calendars with all users or with unauthenticated users.


   delete from horde_datatree_attributes where attribute_name = 'perm_creator';

fixed the last performance issue.

I looked for documentations on the permission system, but couldn't find 
anything that explained the difference between the owner, perm_users, 
perm_creator, and perm_default.

What does 'perm_creator' control?  I assume that's a default permission -- 
all of the calendars had it set, and I don't recall ever doing anything 
that would have set it globally.  Possibly something that got set in an 
older 3.0 and was never noticed since the code was hacked to ignore 


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