[horde] Horde 3.1.4-cvs

Nicolas Scaut nicolas.scaut at province.namur.be
Wed Nov 22 06:15:09 PST 2006


I just install Horde: 3.1.4-cvs with Mysql backend.
I have no error but I can't login because I'm always redirect to the page
In the database, I see the user (admin) with correct (crypted) password.

What is the probem ?

I have also another horde (3.1.3) with Mysql backend and I don't have this
probem ...

Here is the log : 

14:40:49 HORDE [debug] [horde] SQL Query by Auth_sql::_authenticate():
SELECT * FROM horde_users WHERE user_uid = ? [on line 116 of
Nov 22 14:40:49 HORDE [debug] [horde] SQL Query by Prefs_sql::retrieve():
SELECT pref_scope, pref_name, pref_value FROM horde_prefs WHERE pref_uid = ?
AND (pref_scope = ? OR pref_scope = 'horde') ORDER BY pref_scope [on line
137 of "/usr/share/php/Horde/Prefs/sql.php"]
Nov 22 14:40:49 HORDE [notice] [horde] Login success for admin [IP] to Horde
[on line 90 of "/srv/www/htdocs/dvlp2/login.php"]
Nov 22 14:40:49 HORDE [debug] [horde] SQL Query by
DataTree_sql::_buildParentIds(): SELECT datatree_id, datatree_parents FROM
horde_datatree WHERE datatree_name = ? AND group_uid = ? ORDER BY
datatree_id [on line 261 of "/usr/share/php/Horde/DataTree/sql.php"]
Nov 22 14:40:49 HORDE [debug] [horde] SQL Query by DataTree_sql::_load():
SELECT c.datatree_id, c.datatree_name, c.datatree_parents, c.datatree_order
FROM horde_datatree c WHERE c.group_uid = 'horde.perms'  [on line 130 of

Thanks a lot

Nicolas Scaut

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