[horde] Any Maia (SpamAss+Amavisd+) Users?

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 07:08:24 PST 2006

I am currently using Horde (IMP) to read email but have not figured out how 
to integrate, if at all possible, Maia (white/black lists and management of) 
on Horde/IMP/SAM as well as have "report as spam" working.

Given the popularity of Horde and Maia, I am certain that I am not the only 
person using both Maia and Horde.  Problem is that I've tried to modify the 
backends.php file within SAM and have been unsucessful.  Has anyone else 
tried this?

I've CC'ed one of the Maia Authors, Robert LeBlanc, who has expressed 
interest in getting this working.  Aside from having to rewrite all of his 
PHP to use the Horde Framework, is their any other way, like perhaps 
describing what is done in his sql tables and how Horde can be configured to 
use the Maia DB?

Thanks, and I hope I am not offending anyone with this question and/or 


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