[horde] Any Maia (SpamAss+Amavisd+) Users?

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 6 10:41:06 PST 2006


This is great news, given it's ability to adapt, Horde is even better than I 
ever imagined.

I would like to test your settings and I wil let this list know of my 
results.  Perhaps Robert LeBlanc can provide insight into getting the 
quarantine availble within Horde, or Mr. Hagenbuch has an idea?

Thank you all.


> >> I've CC'ed one of the Maia Authors, Robert LeBlanc, who has expressed
> >> interest in getting this working.  Aside from having to rewrite all of
> >> his PHP to use the Horde Framework, is their any other way, like
> >> perhaps describing what is done in his sql tables and how Horde can be
> >> configured to use the Maia DB?
>We have integrated Maia reasonably well with the Sam module.
>Maia database structure is very similar to amavisd-new which already
>exists in backends.php. I simply mapped to the appropriate fields and
>ensured that I have Maia set up to auto-create users and that the users
>are actually created in Maia before they use Sam (otherwise they do not
>get entered correctly in the database, as Sam knows nothing about the
>Maia specific tables/fields.
>This allows users to change their spam/virus settings etc. through Sam,
>as well as manage their white/black lists.
>For "Report as Spam" I simply installed local spamassasin configured to
>point to the Maia database, and use
>/usr/bin/sa-learn --spam -u amavis --no-sync
>in $conf['spam']['program']
>It would be great to integrate this further so that the quarantine could
>be viewed directly within Sam. This should not be too difficult to do by
>creating a very simply Maia template but I have not gotten around to
>that yet.
>Overall, Maia is great. We use it on a system with 30,000+ users.
>Oh, and of course Horde/IMP et al are also utterly fantastic ;-)
>Hope this helps.
>-Barry Flanagan

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