[horde] horde as webroot

Kevin Conley kevinconley at northwestern.edu
Mon Feb 19 09:22:22 PST 2007

I have horde installed in /var/www/html/horde and the webroot set to /var/ww/html.

I have followed the FAQ on how to move the webroot to horde:


However, this doesn't not work.

How do you make horde the webroot?

I changed the webroot in the httpd.conf and added the alias for /horde/ but this 
doesn't work.

I have the latest release of HORDE,IMP, and turba and i have horde configured to 
use IMP for login.

But when i login it keeps showing the login screen.

What am i missing?

Kevin Conley	
Technology Support Services
Northwestern University

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