[horde] Displaying message/rfc822 attachments

Jens Müller jens.mueller at ira.uka.de
Fri Mar 16 09:32:05 UTC 2007


display of message/rfc822 currently looks like this:

Hier sind die Kopfeinträge für diese message/rfc822 Nachricht.
Datum: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 23:43:41 +0100
Betreff: ...
Von: ...
An: ...
   	2.1  	unbenannt  	[text/plain]  	19.22 KB  	Herunterladen
 From jens  Thu Mar 15 02:25:00 2007
[message source follow]

Clicking on the attachment link also just show the source of the message.

It would be nice to be able to view the message, well, as a message.

The Horde version used seems to be  Imp H3 (4.1.3).



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