[horde] Virtual Host of Groupware Webmail

Craig Hoskin Craig at infobahn.co.nz
Sun Apr 29 11:16:52 UTC 2007

Has anyone managed to get the webmail version working under an Apache
VirtualHOst scenario?

Have tried all the standard httpd.conf settings which worked with an
older Horde install, but get the login redirecting in an endless loop
and trying to load index.php/login.php

Noticed some comments about editing registry.php, but the syntax of the
file seemed different to that for a plain Horde install, e.g. when
changed the array applications['horde'] to have webroot of
http://webmail.domain.co.nz the loading of the webpage removed the : and

Edited the conf.php and changed the cookie path.

Any help woud be greatly appreciated.

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