[horde] Virtual Host of Groupware Webmail

Craig Hoskin Craig at infobahn.co.nz
Sun Apr 29 19:33:02 UTC 2007

| Has anyone managed to get the webmail version working under 
| an Apache VirtualHOst scenario?
| Have tried all the standard httpd.conf settings which worked 
| with an older Horde install, but get the login redirecting in 
| an endless loop and trying to load index.php/login.php
| Noticed some comments about editing registry.php, but the 
| syntax of the file seemed different to that for a plain Horde 
| install, e.g. when  changed the array applications['horde'] 
| to have webroot of http://webmail.domain.co.nz the loading of 
| the webpage removed the : and tried
| http://webmail.domain.co.nz/http//webmail.domain.co.nz
| Edited the conf.php and changed the cookie path.
| Any help woud be greatly appreciated.
Just can't seem to get this working.
Going to the server address is fine (e.g.
but going to a Virtual Host just goes into a continual loop.

Don't really mind if /horde is in the URL, just would like to serve it
for the virtual domains hosted on the box (e.g. www.virtual.co.nz/horde
would be fine)

Managed to get a temp workaround working by placing a webmail-index.php
file in the horde folder with
header("Location: http://realserverdomain.co.nz/horde/");
Which works fine.

Anyone have some pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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