[horde] memcache session question.

Kevin Konowalec webadmin at ualberta.ca
Tue May 15 18:01:30 UTC 2007

Horde: 3.1.4
Imp: H3 (4.1.4)
memcached-1.1.12 (openbsd package)
PHP 4.4.1

Hi all,

I'm still seeing the following in my logs:

May 15 11:38:27 dwc1 HORDE[2924]: [imp] Error retrieving session data  
(id = ba2ae485eabbd2ffa54eaa25ebc18147) [on line 83 of "/var/www/ 

This is when I log out of horde.  So I did a test.  I cleared my lock  
directory (/tmp) and logged in to horde.  It wrote the following files:


When I log out, lock_3b11f01b2742a400239e612fdb0bf643 is removed  
from /tmp, but the other one remains.  But the error I get is:

May 15 11:43:47 dwc1 HORDE[32588]: [imp] Error retrieving session  
data (id = 3b11f01b2742a400239e612fdb0bf643) [on line 83 of "/var/www/ 

So... why is it trying to retrieve a session lock file that it's  
already removed?  AND why is it leaving the other one there?  After  
few months or so I have to reboot the machine because /tmp has filled  
up with zero-length lock files that haven't been cleaned up by horde  
and I run out of inodes.

So is this a bug or have I potentially misconfigured something?  I'm  
able to log in and use horde/imp just fine but I'm still concerned  
that it could be causing problems I'm not aware of yet.

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