[horde] Broke my horde install.

Patrick Baldwin Patrick.Baldwin at studsvikscandpower.com
Tue May 15 23:41:11 UTC 2007

Running FreeBSD 6.2-RC1, and horde-3.1.1_2.

Noticed email sent with IMP install had a different From: field than my 
normal IMAP clients.

Tried to fix by setting up a preferences container, and did so via the 
Horde web config interface.

Now, every horde page I try and bring up has:

A fatal error has occurred

Requireed "charset" not specified in preferences SQL configuration.
The file /usr/local/www/horde/config/../config/conf.php should contain a
$conf['prefs']['params']['charset'] setting.

At this point, while having IMP sending the "right" From field would
be great, I'd be pretty happy to have a working IMP install at all


Patrick Baldwin
Systems Administrator
Studsvik Scandpower, Inc.
1087 Beacon St.
Newton, MA 02459

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