[horde] Filters

Ward Hammond ward at classicreflections.biz
Tue Jun 5 15:38:48 UTC 2007

Let me try again.

If I place the cursor over the From field the address information is:

Registration Notification <time at mon-dealz.info>

The only part that displays in From is:

Registration Notification

There are several of these that I receive everyday that display the  
same From but actually have different sender addresses.  I would like  
to know how to identify this field so the filters will delete the  
spam.  I have tried "Sender", "From", in fact all the fields listed in  
the filter and none work. Is there a "Self Defined Header" field name  
that I can use.  There are no instructions that I can find to help  
with the "Self Defined Header" option.  Is there a list of "wildcards"  
that will work?

> What is the name of the field that holds the "name" of the email
> address in the from or sender header of the message.  I am trying to
> set up my filters to screen this but can not find a field that works.
> For example: I see "Registration Notification " but the accutal from
> is "Registration Notification <time at mon-dealz.info>".  If I can set it
> to "Registration Notification" then I can get all the variations.

I have *no* idea what you are trying to ask.


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