[horde] Mail log reg:

Jochem Meyers jochem at mondrian.nl
Thu Jun 7 15:02:49 UTC 2007

Blocking the creation of new user accounts is something the administrator
can do. If you log into horde as the administrator, you can go to 'setup',
and select the main horde application. One of the tabs is 'Sign Up'. There
you can prevent people from signing up for new accounts. You can still
create accounts as administrator.



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Our Horde server sending lot of mails with different domain name, Is that
possible to get the log for mail log. I check with /tmp/horde.log , it shows
only the error and login logout log. Also I don't know how to block that. If
anybody know that could be great. Also anyone gave some idea how to block
the create identity under user Preferences.




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