[horde] Mail Log

Otto Stolz Otto.Stolz at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Jun 8 11:50:12 UTC 2007

Dear Antu David Raj,

please keep the discussion on the Horde list.

You have written, privately:
> I never login through Administration console. Can you give some direction
> how to set the administration user and password.

This is covered in the INSTALLATION doc.
- you start with a provisional authentication backend
   (featuring a fixed Horde user-id and password, and granting
   administrator rights to it),
- then you log in and complete your Horde configuration
   via the WWW interface (including a list of administrators'
   user-ids, and the final authentication backend).

If you feel you cannot make a fresh start with that pro-
visional authentication backend, you could try to edit your
horde/config/conf.php file (wich is not meant to be edited
by hand, though, so it would be wise to keep a copy, just
in case you mess it up). The list of administrators' user-
ids resides in the $conf['auth']['admins'] array.

> How can I get the mail log,

This is not Horde's concern. Consult the documentation of
your IMAP (or POP), and SMTP, servers, respectively.

Good luck,
   Otto Stolz

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