[horde] Fwd: Filters

Eric Jon Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Sat Jun 9 02:37:22 UTC 2007

Quoting Ward Hammond <ward at classicreflections.biz>:

> Is there any one on the list that can help with this.  The designers
> and/or programmers of horde seem to be unable to understand the problem.

I understand your problem, but I'm not sure what version of IMP you
are using, which means I don't know if you are using the old IMP
filtering, or the new Ingo filtering.  And if you are using Ingo,
what backend you are using.

In either case, I thought you could define any filter you wanted by
going into the filters settings and setting it manually.  So, I would
think you would be able to do what you want.

Obviously the "blacklist" shortcut in IMP won't do it, since it will
enter the address, not the personal name only.  But you should be able
to do this manually, at least with Ingo.

> I would like to know HOW to set the filter to recognise this "name"
> field and stop this spam from showing up.

Again, not sure of your setup (versions, etc) so I'd hate to guess.
Maybe I could look up your old messages to find out, but I'm pretty
lazy, so I wouldn't count on it...

> It would also be nice if the filters could be set to run in background
> and delete/block these as they arrive so I do not have to wait for
> long periods after manually starting the filters or if it's set to
> automatically run the filters at logon.

This can be done with Ingo, as long as your mail server supports a
backend/setup that supports it.

> Sincerely,
> Ward Hammond
> Classic Reflections
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> Houston, TX 77070
> www.classicreflections.biz
> 281-290-0424

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

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