[horde] access permitions for different network IP's

Barry Flanagan barryf-lists at flanagan.ie
Fri Jun 22 13:51:53 UTC 2007

João Bitencourt wrote:
>   My computer which has Horde installed has two network cards. One
> is an internal IP, the other is a public available static IP. I'm using
> apache-ssl 1.3 to provide access.
>    I need to implement some method for:
>     - all users connected from internal network can use webmail
>     - some users connected from external network can use webmail (most
>       users are denied when they are outside the company)
>    I have currently about 80 users, I can edit a file with allowed and
> denied usernames if needed.
>    Does horde have some options for that? Can you give my some
> directions?

you could so this using the horde _horde_hook_postauthenticate hook.
Have a look in config/hooks.php.

You should be able to easily check the remote IP address and if it is
internal, return true, otherwise check a list of allowed users and only
return true if the user logging in is in that list.

Hope this helps.


-Barry Flanagan

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