[horde] Horde imp Webmail user Login Fails with Error [login failed]

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Thu Jul 26 20:02:50 UTC 2007


> Vilius Šumskas <vilius <at> lnk.lt> writes:

> [Vilius] Also I can see that you are using modified Plesk version of Horde. So
> you should ask them.
> [Pat] So you think I should ask these questions at the SWSoft PLESK forum?

Usually Horde developers support only vanilla Horde version. Because
they can't know what was modified by 3rd parties. If SWSoft sell PLESK
with a support then you are free to ask these questions on their forum.

> Thanks allot for your time and help Vilius  

You're welcome.

Best regards,

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