[horde] [dev] Horde 3.2 Alpha Releases: Now calling for testers!

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Fri Aug 3 16:40:13 UTC 2007

Horde Community:

The Horde Project is happy to announce that we released alpha releases  
of the Horde 3.2 release series yesterday for Horde (3.2), DIMP (1.0),  
IMP (4.2), Ingo (1.2), Kronolith (2.2), MIMP (1.1), Mnemo (2.2), Nag  
(2.2), and Turba (2.2).

Now we need even more help! :)

There are still these things that need to happen:


As you already know if you're on the i18n list, now is the time to  
update translations for these applications. Also, get a head start on  
Ansel, Chora, Gollem, Jonah, Trean, Whups, and Wicked, which will be  
released after the initial Horde 3.2 releases are complete (see  
http://wiki.horde.org/ReleaseManagement for more details about  
upcoming releases).


The point of the alpha releases is to iron out any bugs before the new  
stable series is cut. We've already fixed a few since yesterday! Help  
us make this the best Horde release yet by testing the alphas, trying  
the upgrade scripts, etc.


We have compiled a list of "show stopping" issues here:

* We need to do a little bit of work to spec out the listTimeObjects
feature to support multiple time objects. For example, when you are
viewing tasks on your calendar, how should we represent the option for
whether or not to only see tasks with due dates, or future tasks? What
about the various dates available from Whups tickets? Not all of this
work needs to be done for the first alphas, but we should have the
feature speced.

* We need a script to migrate Turba data from the old format (single
name and address fields) to the new default schema (separate first and
last name fields, separate fields for pieces of address data). This
script does not need to be perfect especially at first. A contribution
of a basic script would be VERY helpful.

* We need to fix a maintenance bug with PHP 4

We also need to know if there is anything missing from this show
stoppers list!

We're on our way to Horde 3.2 and then to Horde 4. Thanks for your help!


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