[horde] [Pkg-exim4-users] Exim-dovecot-Horde/imp-Mysql

Andre Eisvogel andre at eisvogel.nl
Wed Aug 22 19:26:54 UTC 2007

Op woensdag 22 augustus 2007 11:23, schreef Christian Schmidt:
> Hello Andre,

Thanks for your response,

> Andre Eisvogel, 21.08.2007 (d.m.y):
> > I'm running a linuxbox with ' Dovecot<->Exim<->horde/IMP<-> Mysql ', this
> > is a very good combination and works excellent for the system users.
> >
> > Now I want to change the configuration and authenticate against the mysql
> > database from horde. That way it is much easy for me to create (virtual)
> > mail users. I also want to use the mail alias of the horde users for Exim
> > and Dovecot.
> >
> > My questions are; is it possible to use the horde mysql database for
> > this?
> Yes - you can (and most probably need to) create additional tables in the
> horde database. Using the stock horde database would not help you, because
> horde just uses it as a container to store your users' preferences.

The existing user_uid and user_pass from the horde database is not enough to 
authenticate a user for Dovecot or Exim? Which additional tables do i have to 
create in the horde database?

> > And is it also possible for the mail alias of horde?
> What is the "mail alias of horde"? IMO, horde in general and imp in
> special isn't aware of aliases at all.

It is possible for a Imp user to make an alias for its e-mail address and use 
this to send and receive e-mail. Now I want use this possibility as a 
replacement (or substitute?) for the standard '/etc/aliases' file of Exim. 
Unfortunately I do not know how and where horde/Imp stores these aliases.

Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,

 André Eisvogel

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