[horde] random hash in generateUID missing

munzli munzli at olmero.ch
Wed Aug 29 17:39:15 UTC 2007

hi all

i've got a major problem, since the last update the kronolith events don't
generate a random hash in the event_uid anymore which has fatal
the event_uid should look like this:
20070627191156.3f9bv5hl0jac at calendar.example.com but now only
20070627191156. at calendar.example.com is written.

so now, phone syncing and ics importing etc doesn't work correctly. 

then i did some searching and noticed that the generateUID function contains a:
substr(base_convert(microtime(), 10, 36), -16)
which returns nothing. i removed the substr to just give me the base
convert output, and now a unique hash with 12 chars is generated.

any info on this?

manuel knobel

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