[horde] Horde 3.1.5 with non-ascii category names broken?

Marcus hordelist at quantentunnel.de
Thu Oct 4 11:54:37 UTC 2007


i just updated from Horde 3.1.3 and Kronolith H3 (2.1.3)
to Horde 3.1.5 and Kronolith H3 (2.1.6)

After the update i noted that one category is missing it's colors on the
Horde portal page and in Kronolith -haven't tested other modules. This
category has a special german caracter 'ä' in it's name (Umlaut). I have
4 different categorys, all defined in horde's prefs.php and locked.

When editing / creating an event in Kronolith the category name isn't
displayed properly, the special character is show as ? when viewed as
UTF-8 Page. When i change the webbrowser's characterset for the page to
ISO-8859-15 the special character is shown correctly while everything
else on the page fails.

I think there's somewhere a missing/wrong character conversion. I guess
this also affects other non-ascii characters in category names like they
have in spainish, french or swedish, but didn't test this.

For a quick and dirty fix i renamed the category to something without
special character and changed the existing Kronolith events.

Has anyone experienced the same or can verify this?

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