[horde] Installation Probem...

Willem Jan ter Veld wjterveld at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 09:35:50 UTC 2007


I'm having a problem installing horde on a susse 10SP1 box.
I downloaden the groupware version1.03 and run the sutup.php script.
First problem is that the  script can not create the database (My SQL)
So I created 1 for him.
Then the installscript can not fil this database. So I fill him with the sql
But when I do this I'm not able to login to the Horde server.
Not with the default user (horde) and not with the user the setup.php tries
to create?

What am I doing wrong??

The info used with the setup.php script is the right info (user name,
password etc etc)


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