[horde] Error generating pgp key pair

Larry Honig l at hdex.com
Wed Jan 2 19:00:37 UTC 2008

It can create SSL certificates fine, and the Webmin administration  
panel can do all sorts of stuff with the available entropy pool, plus  
I have Munin installed and it shows typically approx 3500 bytes. Also  
I have the same problem on another Ubuntu-based system with a  
different version of Horde. If your theory is correct then shouldn't  
using the command line gpgp key gen on my Horde host server fail also?  
It works fine!

What is the recommended minimum entropy value? I could attach a mouse  
and wiggle it but I do not think that is the problem, although I am  
willing to try it. Attached is a .png file showing the Munin entropy  
graph - the dips are associated with restarting the master Apache  
server (not thread restarts - I am using Apache 2.0.55 MPM prefork  
with 11 threads)

I may try to install rng-tools.

Thanks for your response - maybe there is another explanation.

/Larry Honig

Quoting Michael M Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org>:

> Your system most likely does not have enough entropy to create the  
> keys.  See, e.g.,  
> http://www.number.ch/wiki/index.php/LinuxEntropySources
> michael
> -- 
> ___________________________________
> Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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