[horde] module conf.php's

Bill Graham grahamcw at hurleybulldogs.com
Thu Jan 3 14:35:45 UTC 2008

Here is what I do in Linux land
from whups/config directory

touch conf.php
touch conf.php.bak
chown apache:apache conf.php
chown apache:apache conf.php.bak


Bill Graham
Systems Administrator
Hurley Public Schools
Hurley,SD 57036
grahamcw at hurleybulldogs.com

Quoting trent at trentnet.net:

> Hi again,
> Thank you Otto and Luis for your help.
> After playing around with the RPM's for some time I gave up and
> installed the webmail groupware and it worked like a champ.
> I went out on a limb and tried to install whups via CVS and got the
> same issue again with whups (no other modules effected). The
> permissions, etc are the same for all modules.
> The issue is I can run the configure script in setup, but if I make
> any changes, or hit "generate" it goes to the main config screen and
> never generates a conf.php script for whups.
> Is there any chance I could "borrow" someones conf.php for whups? I
> can't justify any more hours on it's generation and it would likely be
> easier to tweek an existing file.
> I greatly appreciate your help.
> Trent
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