[horde] default-settings for horde-groupware-webmail?

peter pilsl pilsl at goldfisch.at
Sun Feb 3 11:52:13 UTC 2008

When new users logon first time to horde-groupware, they get a bunch of 
default-preferences assigned.

Some of them are even dangerous to my users or of great annoyance.

delete attachments after one-month in login-tasks
choose the adressbook to use when saving adresses : none

Where can I change this default-settings to the settings that I need for 
my environment?

I found most settings in the database and can change them there with 
extra sql-rules or daily cronjobs, but I didnt find the preference yet 
where to tell horde that it should save adresses to the users adressbook 
instead of "none", which made my hotline running hot, cause users were 
not able to save adresses from their incoming mails.


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