[horde] Horde framework for a large Web based project and more ...

Elier Delgado elier.delgado at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 05:11:19 UTC 2008

Hello to everyone,

I want use the Horde framework as my base framework for a large Web based
but I have many questions to evaluate, and I want to know your opinion.

I was looking for a framework but finally I'm not sure what to do,
the interested aspect for me are:

1.- That has a big library repository (like Horde)
2.- Base on OOP & Design Pattern (like Horde)
3.- Without template engine (like Horde)
4.- With some important modules/applications/plugins working already (like
Horde applications)
5.- Flexible user interface base on themes "plug & play" (like Joomla,
Drupal, Wordpress)
6.- An important development community

Since here, Horde it's winning !!

I see that many people don't know about horde, being horde more powerful
that many others frameworks,
we find Horde through a very large research, in any comparison table horde
was meantion it.

I worry about this because them the people not contribute with the Horde
like with other populars frameworks
and systems like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc., and this is very important
because for this reason this systems
has many more "modules or functionalities" than horde.

A very attractive issue in this system are their flexibility to changes
themes or templates, horde it's more
limited in this.

And other important issue is the available documentations, Joomla for
example has a complete book translated to
some languages.

Another important framework that I must mention is Symfony, it's very
powerful integrated with Propel,
but I can't find any important free aplication ready to use already.

Now, this is my dilemma:

Horde it's very good, maybe better, but I don't like see how other
frameworks and system grow very
much faster, adding many of the funcionalities that maybe I will need in the
future, and I will must
developt in Horde if finally I select them.

What we can do to revert this situation, make Horde more accessible, more
interesting, most popular,
how to involve more user to develop for this.

I'm very interesting in do this changes, because I like Horde very much,
but I want to know the opinion of the community,
maybe we can start a more flexible version for horde, oriented in this way.

I will appreciate all opinions,
and please excuse me my english.

Regards, Elier

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